The Work

The Morrow County Health District is the local public health agency serving Morrow County, Ohio. We work to promote health, to prevent disease and injury, and to protect those living, working and visiting in Morrow County. Our public health professionals work to help create a physical and social environment that supports the health and quality of life for our community.

The Team

The Morrow County Health District is staffed by many public heath professionals, including an environmental public health team of 4, a public health nursing team of 5, a community health team of 4, a health commissioner, and a fiscal specialist. The Morrow County Health Department employs a health commissioner, a director of environmental health, a director of nursing, a director of community health, registered sanitarians, registered nurses, a health educator, an emergency preparedness planner, a vital statistics registrar, and a fiscal specialist.

The Community

Morrow County, Ohio is a rural community of 35,000 people. We are located in a pastoral setting in Central Ohio roughly 40 minutes north of downtown Columbus. The county sits at the crossroads of suburban and country living. We are characterized by our sense of family and community.